You the Man: Performing for change, opening the conversation

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Cover Art: You the Man (c) 2018

One of the early nationally touring, professionally performed programs that addresses bystanders interrupting sexual violence and dating abuse, You the Man is now available for local performances and licensing.

The book features both the US and the Australian acting versions of You the Man, Add Verb Productions’ one-man show , a performance that is evidenced-based for audience change in knowledge, attitudes, and likeliness to take action.

This never-before released script, available through Amazon, your local book store or from the playwright, is accompanied by dramaturgical notes for actors and directors and a comprehensive production guide. Conceived, written, and directed by Cathy Plourde, You the Man script and guide benefitted from Add Verb’s fifteen years experience of presenting theatre for awareness, wellness, and activism to middle schools, high schools, colleges, conferences, and medical professionals across the US as well as in Australia.

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The play brings six characters to the stage: a young man, a teacher, and a father who are concerned with a young woman’s wellbeing and safety; a police officer who wants to bring justice to victims; a ball player whose world is now compromised by the violence of a teammate; and, an advice-giving speaker who uses humor to underscore his serious message of empathy and action. The program keeps the safety and agency of victims–no matter their gender–front and center, and acknowledges the wide-sweeping effects of interpersonal violence. The approach of this program is to bring vital information to light and to help position audience members–who are often also friends, family, or even victim and survivors themselves–to take positive steps toward interrupting the dangerous trajectory of this world-wide social problem.

Sections include: A note from the playwright providing context and history of the project; words from several actors who have toured with the production; an annotated script; checklists for actors and site coordinators; and guidance for presenting to schools and communities, including critical support for moderators and panelists. This volume also brings a cultural translation of the script to light, making for an interesting study in how writers and producers were able to distill intention and match it with language to better relate to Australian young people and those who support them. Add Verb Productions actively toured The Thin Line and You the Man with professional actors (1999-2014), and both amateur and professional licensing information is included in this volume.

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