Telling Stories

The joy of returning to the US, after two years abroad, is in part the joy of coming home. Even though the language in our host country was ostensibly the same, it was incredibly different, as were the culture, values, and everyday niceties.

The adventure was incomparable, and a true luxury to have the opportunity and the means to up sticks and go.  But honestly, it’s really really nice to be back where people get us. All of that adds up to a telling story of who I am and who I want to be.


I’m grateful to return to New England with a completed project in hand–a result of a collaboration with my business partner, Tavia Gilbert; co-editorship with a dear friend/mentor/shero, Catriona McHardy; and the support of my spouse–as something to show for being away for a couple of years.

In writing for and editing Making Out Like a Virgin: Sex, Desire & Intimacy After Sexual Trauma I found a new place to apply my skills and love for storytelling, and especially, storytelling that cracks open dialogue where there has not been much before.

We are all grateful for the trade reviews that give both the book and Animal Mineral Press solid footing, and over the next bit of time we will do our best to parlay that into author talks, campus and bookstore visits, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Awareness Month activities, and, more editing projects.


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