Open, Sesame; Close, Chapter.

window is a door
©Cathy Plourde 2015

I took this photo in Europe, and liked the image of an open door being in a window: it speaks to opportunity and to light, freedom, the great outdoors: now that I’ve finished my homework I can go out and play.

I am not a great academic writer, and writing to follow the rules for ALA, MLA or FFS is really not my thing. The final editing stages, searching for the comma that shouldn’t be formatted in italics (etc) feels like scaling a greased, glass-crusted wall, while wearing the wrong outfit for a party you weren’t invited to but somehow required to attend.

With the help of a couple of wonderful teams, research regarding the touring production You the Man was published in peer-reviewed academic journals. You CAN get by with a LOT of help from your friends.

This work of conducting research and delivering results in an article, though a personal challenge, has opened a number of doors, and for that–and for my colleagues–I’m grateful. These two articles help wrap the end of my work with Add Verb while it was a program of the University of New England.

The development and cultural translation of a brief theater-based programme for the promotion of bystander engagement and violence prevention by Cathy Plourde, Ann Taket, Virginia Murray, and Patrick Van Ver Werf (Journal of Applied Arts & Health, Dec 2014)

You the Man: theater as bystander education in dating violence by Cathy Plourde, Nancy Shore, Peter Herrick, Allison Morrill, Gary Cattabriga, Lilia Bottino, Elisa Orme & Carin Stromgren (Arts & Health, October 2015)

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