Eliminating Gender-Based Violence: Finding Worldwide Efforts & Riches

21587421_10209940086122772_2742766793648693258_o.jpgLooking at the newly released Eliminating Gender-Based Violence, I’m struck with two things: 

First: How refreshing that an academic text has one and only one title. There is no need for a subtitle as the primary title covers it. It does what it says on the tin, as the English say…

And second: There is no sector in life or society that is either untouched or positioned to make change on eliminating gender based violence. No matter how large or how small the concentric circle is drawn, everyone and everything is included in this work.

The contributors to Ann Taket and Beth Crisp’s  book are all solidly offering best practices on how to change the landscape, pointing to our most vulnerable populations, and where change efforts are going to have the largest effect: family, community, institution or system.

Change boils down to individual accountability, and, the individuals managing or participating in the systems are charged with holding those systems and sectors accountable in order to move this world toward eliminating this violence.

Thank you, Ann, Beth, and all the contributors to the 2017 text Eliminating Gender-Based Violence for bringing us the research and data on programs around the world such as Baby Makes 3, Boys to Men, Empowerment Self Defense (here, here, and here), SASA! Activist Kit for Preventing Violence Against Women and HIV, Building Respectful Relationships school curriculum, Green Acres High video game, Safe Dates program, Shifting Boundaries program, the Fourth R, Safeguarding Teenage Intimate Relationships app, the Campus Safety Project and others programs which are unfortunately being threatened by federal funding cuts and inane US leadership, You the Man, and, as addressed in the book, the critical work being done in faith based communities, medical professions, and workplace are more critical than ever.  

Link to buy the book.


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