Wanted: Butterflies to flap wings. (Will save a life.) Apply now.

She thought she was going to get in her car and carry on with her day but this young man had frightening, shameful secrets to share. Quickly,  she snagged the police officer who had also been on the panel.

The officer took the boy home.

The father was arrested.

The mother was brought to the hospital. Apparently, literally in the nick of time.

Rolling in Pain

As I was rolling around on different sized Yamuna balls this morning, trying to find the spot(s) needing to be…

The boy who was the victim, now the man who climbs new heights

Jordan Masciangelo’s essay, My Twenty-Four Carat Self, is a beautifully written, moving story of a component of his recovery beyond childhood sexual trauma. His new project is with MenHealing, Beyond Survival: Kilimanjaro Expedition Challenge, and we hope you’ll be inspired to support his efforts to raise awareness not just in North America but beyond.